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Hey guys, it's been a bit so I figured I'd post an update.

I finished Mason's Elevator Simulator 4 for 2 systems: PC and Nintendo GameBoy!!! You can download the PC version for free and buy the GameBoy ROM file on my page. The GameBoy version is a scaled down version of the PC edition, with graphics based on the PC graphics, and also features new title music written by me. The ROM also comes with two soundtrack files, the audio of the title music recorded directly from the GameBoy emulator, and also an arranged version of the same song performed on synthesizers and drum machines.

This next part isn't news, but it's just a fun thing, a friend told me about this 1980s anime film called Kin no Mori ("The Golden Bird"), and I've been watcing it, and it's really good (so far, I'm watching it as I write this entry).

Also some personal news: first a brief bit of context: so my father has been incarcerated all my life and I've never gotten to know him, like I've visited him but never got to know him, ya know? So all my life I've heard one-sided opinions on him and just a bunch of negative sh*t, and finally I've reconnected with my dad and have been writing to him lately. We've basically become pen-pals which I find really neat! (Fun fact: that's how he met my step-mom, she's pretty cool too!).

Anywho, enough yammering for now, I need to finish that Japanese cartoon.

Anyways, that's it for now.




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