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Mason Phelps

A little info:

I am a a dude on the Internet from Texas.

Interests and Tidbits:

I enjoy HTML/CSS programming and video editing. I also like elevators, trains, and fluorescent lights, among other random things (like Nintendo GameBoys). I also have 2 wonderful guinea pigs: Cornelius (Cornie for short) and Leopold (Leo for short). I'm not too sure how they feel about me but I still love them.

Other things:

Hometown - Beaumont, TX

Favorite TV Show - The Eric Andre Show or Jerry Springer

Favorite Movie - Amadeus

(Current) Favorite Album - "Pretty. Odd." by Panic! at the Disco

Favorite Fast Food - McDonald's

Favorite Pizza Restaurant - Papa John's

Dogs or Cats? - Dogs, but cats are cool too.

(That's me by a Pepsi machine up there.)




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